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Concrete Curb

A sidewalk installation and repair project is not only about quality and durability, it is also about the beauty and aesthetics which it adds to a property. The overall look and appeal of a sidewalk is greatly enhanced by the choice of Curbs installed along the sides.

A Curb is a piece of concrete or stone present at the edges of an elevated sidewalk. When it comes to Curbs, Sidewalk offers a flexibility in choice of materials used. The choice of materials depends upon the expected amount of load the Sidewalk is expected to endure over the years.

Sidewalk Contractors can provide you with the option of utilizing the basic Concrete Curb for your project. Concrete has the flexibility of fitting into different moulds and the curbs can be shaped or rounded off at the edges as per your specific requirements.

In the last 25 years, we have established ourselves as the most preferred contractors for Sidewalk installation and repair in New York City. Our construction activities have left behind thousands of happy customers, both residential and business owners, along with gleaming sidewalks all over the city and beyond. With a 100% customer approval rating we are proud to present ourselves as a BBB accredited full service company.

Our personalized and unique approach for individual projects is highly rated by New York residents. Being a fully insured company, our clients have enjoyed a complete peace of mind after entrusting their projects with us and we greatly value this mutual trust and confidence.