Concrete Service in NYC

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A perfectly paved concrete Sidewalk or a smooth gleaming concrete driveway enhances the visual appeal of your property. But concrete as a basic construction material needs periodic repair and upkeep to prevent it from cracking, crumbling, and getting stained due to heavy usage and weathering. As the best Sidewalk contractor in Bronx, we offer the services of concrete sidewalk repair and installation in the Bronx and other areas of New York City.

What is concrete sidewalk

Concrete paving is not simply about pouring a perfect mixture of hot concrete in a pre-designed mold. It involves the combination of using at least 4500 psi concrete and a workforce skilled in the latest paving and mixing technologies that Skywalk offers to residents of New York City. To take into account the expansion and contraction of concrete during severe heat or cold, the concrete sidewalk needs to be accompanied by expansion joints to prevent sudden cracks from appearing on the surface during weather changes.

Our service

We, at Contractors In Sidewalk and Violation Removal, the service of concrete sidewalk repair in NYC. As one of the renowned driveway concrete contractors in NYC, we take into account all eventualities before the commencement of work so that our clients have an enduring peace of mind once the job is completed. We put in the hard and long hours so that residents and businesses in New York can enjoy the long years without worrying about wear and tear and maintenance bills.