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The Sidewalk Details of Long Island

Sidewalks in Long Island in particular and New York, in general, are of great importance. People prefer to walk through the sidewalks when the road is jammed with high traffic. Also, the sidewalks are ideal for casual strolling or roaming around to inhale the fresh air in the morning. The sidewalks are handled with the utmost care by the city government considering their contribution to manage traffic and add convenience to the people’s lives. Therefore, the property owners are much concerned about the sidewalk repair and replacement. But people often wonder about the absence of sidewalks in certain parts of Long Island. For example, people often ask why Nassau has sidewalks but many other places do not have.

The Borough of Long Island

However, when it comes to the details of the Long Island, a densely populated island of the state of New York, it is amazing. The island consists of four counties. They are Kings and Queens counties, Nassau County, Suffolk County. Long Island is the home of three airports including JFK National Airport, Islip MacArthur Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. If you look at the geographical map of the island, you will find the westernmost end of it connected with New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The central and eastern areas include the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties. The areas of Long Island are connected with streets, alleys, and sidewalks. Sidewalk contractors are often hired for the repair and replacement of the sidewalks.

The climate of the Lond Island

The climate of the island lies between the humid subtropical climate and humid continental climate conditions. Under this climatic condition, the island experiences hot and humid summers with storms sometimes. The winter season comes up with a combination of snow, rain, and storms. Long Island has a moderately sunny climate. As Long Island lies in the coastal region, Long Island winter temperatures are not so high. January is considered the coldest month when the temperature remains between 25 to 45°F. On the other hand, July is the warmest month at large. The temperature, during this time, ranges from 74 to 85°F. The precipitation amount remains as nearly 3-4 inches on average each month. The snowfall ranges from 20 to 35 inches

Transportation in the Long Island

The major forms of transportation of this area are aviation, bus routes, highways, bridges, recreational and commuter trails. Along with three major airports, this island has several smaller airports. It also has rail transportation services via the Long Island Rail Road and the New York City subway. You will find bus routes via MTA Regional bus operations, Nassau inter-county express, and Suffolk county transit. The ferry transportation includes the NYC ferry and multiple smaller ferry companies providing ferry services. There are significant highways as well across the island. The historic and modern bridges are also major parts of transportation in Long Island.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA puts mass transportation into practice for the New York Metropolitan Area that consists of five major boroughs, and multiple suburban counties. The counties include Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk, etc. in case of railway transportation. The Long Island railroad is considered North America’s busiest commuter railroad system. The system largely carries an average of 282,400 passengers per weekday. The total number of daily trains is nearly 728. It is also the oldest railroad in the United States. It runs with its own charter and name. LIRR is operated as one of MTA’s commuter railroads since 1966. Nassau Inter-county express provides bus service in the county of Nassau. On the other hand, Suffolk County Transit provides bus service in Suffolk county. A wide range of highways and parkways is available across the island. All of them are used to travel throughout the areas of Long Island.

The Sidewalk Repair in the Long Island

Let’s know about sidewalk repair services on the island. The island, as we discussed earlier, consists of two counties e.g. Suffolk and Nassau. The counties have sidewalk violation removal services by professional contractors. The contractors perform sidewalk patchwork services, new steel curb installation, bluestone curb installation, concrete sidewalk curb installation, and other related services. If you are looking for the best concrete sidewalk contractor, you must follow certain factors. The factors include the easy availability of the contractors, the budget estimate, and reputation of the contractors, previous work experience, and the skills most importantly.

Hire The Best Sidewalk Contractor for Sidewalk Patchwork

sidewalk contractor. As this patchwork task requires a professional hand, without efficient workers, it cannot be done. Whenever damage occurs, the property owners often get confused between the need for repair and replacements. Also, it is confusing to understand which kind of repair should be done. The repair works include patchwork, sidewalk violation removal, curb repair, and so on. To resolve the confusion, you must hire the best sidewalk contractor. The renowned contractors have the required knowledge and expertise to provide the best service.

Curb Repair

Curb repair service is another significant task that is quite common in Long Island. Ranging from bluestone curb repair, new steel curb repair to concrete curb repair you will find a wide variety of curb repair services in Long Island. With a bunch of sidewalk professionals specialized in curb repair, Long Island has seen a long way in the case of sidewalk repair and replacement service. The professional contractors provide the services of the bluestone curb. Bluestone curb repair service is considered a modern solution for curb damage. Also, there are other curb repair types like steel curb, concrete curb, and so on. The curb is one of the major parts of any sidewalk. It helps to maintain the structure of the sidewalk. It also contributes much to strengthen the base of the sidewalks. Therefore for concrete sidewalk curb installation and other kinds of curb repair works, you must go for professional assistance.

You can go for the payment program method for curb repair service just like the sidewalk repair tasks. To perform any kind of curb repair task, you have to send a letter asking for the measurement of the respective curbs. As per your request, the sidewalk department will send a sketch and letter mentioning the total footage that needs repair and also the cost. You have to sign the letter to make sure that you approve the repair program. After that, the city performs the task accordingly.

Sidewalk Repair in the Towns in Long Island

In the towns of Hempstead, Islip, Riverhead, Huntington, and other areas in Long Island, there is a huge demand for sidewalk contractors. The transportation authority expects the property owners to maintain the sidewalks as it is mostly applicable for all over the state of New York. The authority largely depends upon the property owners for maintaining the curbs and sidewalks. To provide a safe and hassle-free walking experience, the property owners are bound to take care of the sidewalks properly. The property owners usually get 30 days to complete the sidewalk repair tasks. In Hempstead Town, the maintenance of the sidewalks comes under chapter 181 of the code of the town. This is also applicable to the other parts of Long Island. When the city government pursues the sidewalk repair tasks, they perform an estimated assessment of work. Known as ‘enclosed sketch’, this work report includes the framework on which the work will be done. Later on, due to weather conditions, trees, and other factors, additional flags are attached to it.

Sidewalk permit

If the property owner takes the responsibility of repair and replacement of the sidewalks, he or the contractor hired by him must take a ‘sidewalk permit’ from the respective governing body. Then, you have to send a copy of the sidewalk contract to the sidewalk division. Once the work has been completed, a final inspection takes place and the inspector will close the file after approving the work as flawless.

When the Town Contractor completes the task

Often the completion time of the task becomes a matter of concern. When the city performs the repair task, they hire contractors through the bidding process, with all necessary criteria fulfilled. The property owners many times ask about the duration of the work done by town contractors. As per the sidewalk specialists, the town contractors perform the tasks on time. However, sometimes, the weather condition or other hazards delay the tasks. The scheduling of the repair tasks is done on a community-to-community basis rather than individual property owners. The town has a payment plan as well. Under the sidewalk repair program, the total payment of sidewalk repairs spread out over five years, through a special estimation on your tax bill. After the duration of the five years, the assessment of the sidewalk will be removed from the tax bill.

How the payment process works

Now, let’s know about how the payment program works. After the completion of your sidewalk repair task, the division of sidewalks sends a letter to you. The letter contains useful information about the proper way of sidewalk maintenance. An invoice is attached with the letter mentioning the total cost of the work. The authority will give you multiple payment options. For example, you can pay the full amount directly to the sidewalk division. Also, another option is to pay the due amount to the receiver of taxes. Also, you can pay directly to the contractor. In that case, you have to inform the sidewalk division in a written document that you want to pay the contractor directly.

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