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Sidewalk Repair Service by the Professionals

Damaged sidewalks disturb the natural walk flow of the pedestrians. Any crack or holes or any other damages on the sidewalks may lead to a DOT violation notice for you. So, prompt action must be taken at the earliest. As per the government administrative code, property owners are liable to maintain the sidewalks connected to their properties.

The pot-holes cracks also disturb the aesthetic appeal of the sidewalks. The whole of New York City has nearly 10000 miles of sidewalk throughout the whole city. It maintains the traffic and also adds much to the beautification of the city. The significance of the sidewalks in the city is known to all. You can take a casual stroll over the sidewalks in your leisure time. Also, the sidewalks can be the favorite place for your pets to roam around. If you like to walk to your office, sidewalks are the best track to take. It will help you to avoid the hassle of the traffic on the road. Moreover, it reduces the risks of accidents.

Sidewalk and the Aesthetics of the Property

The sidewalks also contribute to the exterior beauty of any property. The sidewalks inside your property premise add curb value to the property. The enhanced curb value naturally increases the reselling value of the property as well. A well-maintained sidewalk impresses the buyers in the first place. Whenever they walk through the fine-looking sidewalk with the grass lawns beside, it cheers them up like nothing. However, sidewalks inside a property are significant enough from every aspect.
Now, the public sidewalks are also important for the aesthetic beauty of the property. As they are adjacent to the property, it adds much to the exterior of it. However, be it a public sidewalk or a private one, proper maintenance is needed. Otherwise, the whole view will get disturbed.

Hire Professionals to get the most Efficient Result

For Sidewalk Repair in NYC

The best way to maintain the sidewalks in New York City is to hire a professional sidewalk contractor. The professional sidewalk contractor holds good knowledge and years of experience. They not only repair the sidewalks but also guide you regarding sidewalk maintenance. This helps to maintain the sidewalk even after the repair works.

Things to Remember for the Maintenance of the Sidewalk

Weather Condition of the City

For the maintenance of the sidewalks in New York City, you must keep certain things in mind. The first factor to keep in mind is the weather condition of the city. Weather is something that affects the sidewalk to a great extent. So, you have to supervise the sidewalk accordingly. On summer days, the weather is warm and humid. And the winter days are cold and windy. The sky also stays partly cloudy and the environment wet. So, the best time to perform the task of the sidewalk is the summer days. The sunlight and warm weather help the concrete to dry up easily. The presence of water in the sidewalk affects the sidewalk structure from the core. Well, there is a disadvantage as well. This summer season is the pick time for tourist visits. So, the sidewalks remain busy most of the time. And therefore, it becomes difficult to do the task without any interruption. Anyways, the sidewalk contractors in NYC mark the specific areas where work is in progress with marking tape.

Location of the Sidewalk

Other factors include the nature of the areas where the sidewalk is located. If the area is industry-based the repair work will be done in a way. If it is a residential area, the contractors perform the task differently. The work method varies in this way. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that in which area your sidewalk is located. Another factor to remember is the availability of contractors in your area. It is really necessary to keep the contact details of the renowned contractors close at hand. It will help you in the time of need. Whenever you find damage on the sidewalk, you can call any contractor urgently. However, along with the contact details, you should also track the work record and reputation of the contractors.

The Density of the Traffic in the Area

Another factor is the regular traffic of the area. The longevity of the sidewalk largely depends upon the traffic of the road. Well, it sounds a bit confusing that road traffic affects the sidewalk. But practically this is true. Due to the heavy traffic, the vehicles often come near the edge of the sidewalk and tend to damage it. Thus, crack, broken edges appear in the sidewalk body. Moreover, the heavier the traffic is, the more people are on the sidewalk. And too much use of anything is exhaustive. Excessive use of the sidewalk lowers down the lifespan of the sidewalk.

Measurement of the Sidewalk

Another significant factor is the measurement of the sidewalk. The cost of the repair depends on this factor. So having a clear idea about the sidewalk will help you to estimate the budget if any repair work takes place. So, get an idea about the width, height, and length of the sidewalk. Thus, you will be ready to start the repair work at the earliest whenever necessary.
So, these are the essential factors you must remember to maintain the sidewalk properly. Otherwise, your supervision will be limited to a casual one without any result.

Sidewalks in NYC during Lockdown

During the lockdown phases, the social distancing on the sidewalk in New York City became a great issue. The sidewalks in NYC are not wide enough to maintain social distancing with the people walking beside you. Therefore, troubles arose due to this. The government mapped the sidewalks and planned to modify them as per the social distancing guidelines. The sidewalk repair work was also interrupted during that phase.

The Permission is Important

Well, for the sidewalk repair, permission is important. Make sure that your contractor has taken all of the necessary permits. Do not let the contractor commence the work if the permissions have not been taken yet. You can call 311 and request a sidewalk construction permit. And after the completion of the work, call 311 again. This time you have to request a sidewalk violation dismissal. Remember that the sidewalk permit is valid only for 75 days from the beginning of the repair work. The primary cost for the permit is $70 for every 300 linear feet of sidewalk for a single property. the price includes the administrative cost of the permit and the cost of sending out an inspector. The authority sends the inspector to perform the dismissal inspection.

The Cost of the Sidewalk Repair if DOT sends Notice

Now, let’s discuss the cost of the sidewalk repair. If you hire contractors and repair it all by yourself, the price is estimated as per the contractor's charge and other factors. But if you start repairing after getting the violation notice, the case is different.

The cost of the repair depends on the estimated square footage mentioned in the inspection report. To estimate the whole cost, you have to multiply the estimated square footage by the cost per square foot. The cost per square foot is mentioned in the notice of violation. If the repair work is on a driveway, you have to use the 7-inch concrete cost for that area. If it is not, use the cost of 4-inch concrete. However, the final bill reflects the additional repairs to the sidewalk. Such extra repair works are necessary for the sidewalks to meet the standard specification of DOT.

Time Duration to Pay the Bill

The property owner is expected to pay the bill within 90 days after finishing the project. After 90 days, interest will be added with the main amount of the bill. For a detailed payment plan, you can call 311 and request a sidewalk repair payment plan.

What is The Cost When you Repair before DOT sends Notice

Now let’s know what is the cost when you repair the sidewalk all by yourself before the DOT violation notice comes. Well, the cost varies as per the specific charges of the contractors. Also, other aspects like the intensity of the damage, etc. are essential factors for estimating the cost of the repair. Generally, the basic cost ranges from $10 to $200. The cost of the patchwork is less than the cost of removing a section and pour new concrete. For the repair and replacement, you can expect to spend an average of about $9 per square foot. The whole cost of the sidewalk repairs includes multiple things e.g. labor cost, cost of the materials, etc. The factors involved in this cost estimation are the type of repair needed, the square feet involved in the project; the responsibility of the owner, the demolition involved, the requirement of the new concrete, homeowner insurance discounts, etc.

How to Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is much needed for a fair payment method and efficient outcome. So, consider all of the necessary factors before hiring any contractor. The factors you need to focus on are as follows.

Firstly, you have to assess the skills of the contractor you want to hire. You can do this by checking the previous work records. You should also check the reviews and recommendations for the contractor. Some contractors offer free inspections. You can avail them to get an idea about their professionalism and skills. Visit their social media pages and websites as well. Study them well to get a detailed idea about their work process. It also lets you know how professional they are. It is often seen that the more professional the contractor is, the better the website happens to be.

Secondly, check out the budget and the payment method. This is one of the most necessary factors in this matter. Well, nobody wants to get into financial glitches. So, the best way is to stay transparent from the beginning. The renowned sidewalk contractors in NYC offer a free quote. You can estimate the budget of the whole project from the proposed quote. After that, you can negotiate with the contractor at your convenience. It is better to take quotations from various contractors and compare them. After that, choose the suitable one for your task.

Thirdly, you have to check the availability of the contractors. Hire a contractor who provides prompt service. You can also hire a sidewalk repair company NYC that provides round the clock service. If you hire a contractor who is not responsible enough to respond to you on time, you may be in trouble after the repair work. Sometimes, minor glitches occur even after the repair work is done. In that case, only the professional, responsive contractors can help. They will send an associate to supervise and perform the task promptly.

Fourthly, you also need to check whether the contractor is responsible enough to take the necessary permits. Because as we know without permits, repair work should not be commenced. The permissions from the respective authorities are important. Also, your contractor must be well-aware of the DOT specifications. It will help to remove the violation easily. And also, the contractor will be aware of the DOT rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary hassles after the repair work is done.

Finally, the contractor must be particular with the documents for the deals. Check out that the contractor has all of the necessary documents. Sign the deal only with a written document to avoid any further trouble. Also, make sure the billing process is documented and transparent.

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