DOT Sidewalk Violation Repair & Removal Service in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Long Island NY

You must be aware by now of the Department of Transportation regulations regarding sidewalks that require every property owner to install, repair, and maintain sidewalks adjacent to their property. This sidewalk can be the walkway beside your residential or commercial building, the intersection area, and the corner pedestrian ramps. If you fail to repair and maintain sidewalks properly, you can end up in DOT sidewalk violation repair in Long Island NY. In addition to this, as a property owner, you will also be held legally responsible for injuries caused by a failure to repair your damaged sidewalk.

A sidewalk violation notification from the Department of Transportation is the last thing that you would want to receive. However, if you get something like it, there is no need to panic. Just give a call to Sidewalk Contractors and our timely DOT sidewalk violation repair in Long Island NY within the stipulated time will sort out the issue.

Failing to adhere to the DOT guidelines regarding sidewalks can give you violations and fines. Keeping up with your sidewalks can not only save you a great deal of money on fines or being sued in court but also help prevent lawsuits for any slip and fall injuries caused on your damaged sidewalk. In a nutshell, New York law requires all property owners to install, repave, repair, and maintain the sidewalks near to or on their property. Sidewalk Contractors are your reliable partner in DOT sidewalk violation repair in Manhattan NY and provide unparalleled services related to sidewalk installation, repair, and replacement in and around New York.

How does DOT Operate to Remove Sidewalk Violations?

The Department of Transportation follows certain steps to eliminate sidewalk violations that include:

• The DOT inspects city sidewalks to confirm that they are structurally sound. This is to make sure that the sidewalks are safe to be used by pedestrians. Additionally, it also guarantees your complete protection against being held financially liable for injury caused by a damaged sidewalk.

• An official violation from DOT is filed and expected to be handled in a timely manner. When the correction has been done and notification regarding this correction is issued, the violation is removed from your file. If otherwise, the infringement will be dealt with a contractor that DOT provides and this property comes under the city’s ownership until it is addressed.

Sidewalk Contractors has been a trusted name for sidewalk violation removal service in Manhattan NY for the last 25 years. We not only work to address your DOT sidewalk violation but also help you understand the process better.

Your Sidewalk Violation Specialists

When it comes to your sidewalk repair and upkeep, as well as removing your sidewalk violation, Sidewalk Contractors is the name you can count on. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to take care of any kind of sidewalk issue and efficiently perform DOT sidewalk violation repair in Manhattan NY. From handling your sidewalk maintenance work to repairing it as required by a citation issued to you, we have got you covered.

Hiring a professional DOT sidewalk violation repair in Manhattan NY like Sidewalk Contractors will make sure that your walkways are repaired right and any violations/citations that you receive are properly addressed. If you are issued with a sidewalk violation, you have 45 days in hand to make the necessary repairs.

Failing to correct the sidewalk violation within 45 days means the DOT will bring its contractors to repair your sidewalk and send the bill to you. If you are unable to pay, it will lead to a lien on your property. Make sure to call us for your DOT sidewalk violation repair in Brooklyn NY and avoid unnecessary hassles.

We are experienced with DOT sidewalk repair specifications and possess the necessary permits. After the completion of your DOT sidewalk violation repair in Brooklyn NY, an inspection by the DOT professionals will confirm that the work is completed conforming to the required standards.

Before we start with our sidewalk violation removal service in Manhattan NY or your sidewalk repair work, we will obtain the essential work permits. You can also get these permits on your own but obtaining a separate permit for any curb work specified in the violation is mandatory. In addition to this, acquiring the permits becomes more difficult if the sidewalk is located on a designated landmark.

Once the permits are taken care of, we can begin with our sidewalk violation removal service in Manhattan NY promptly. We will build a safe walkway as quickly as possible without compromising quality workmanship for a speedy service.

For a sidewalk infraction received, it is important to address the situation in a professional and prompt manner to avoid more penalties. Rely on us for DOT sidewalk violation repair in Brooklyn NY and ensure the best violation removal service for your project.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor for your DOT sidewalk violation repair in Long Island NY, then give us a call immediately. We will handle any of your sidewalk violation issues in no time at all!