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You must be aware of the regulations of the United States Department of Transportation related to sidewalks. As stated by the New York City law, property owners must have a sidewalk adjacent to their building and keep it maintained. It includes the walkway near their property, intersection area, and pedestrian ramps on corners if any. If your sidewalk is not properly maintained, you can be issued with a DOT sidewalk violation in New York City from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

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Points to Remember about DOT Sidewalk Violation

There are some important points listed below to help you know when you will need a sidewalk violation removal service in NYC.

The Department of Transportation inspects city sidewalks to make sure they have a sound structure. This is done for the safety of the pedestrians, which also protects you against legal and financial liabilities for injuries due to a sidewalk in a state of disrepair.

DOT does not impose a fine on the defaulters; it is filed and needs to be corrected on time. When the correction is made, a notification is given, and the violation is removed from your file. Infractions not handled on time are dealt with by a DOT contractor and the property comes under the ownership of the city until addressed.

Some common sidewalk violations come in the form of collapsed sidewalks, improper slopes, tree roots, hardware trip hazards, or patchwork concrete.

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