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Steel Curb

A perfect looking sidewalk greatly enhances the visual appeal of a property, be it residential or commercial. If your sidewalk is worn out or requires a completely new installation, only a company with over two decades of installation experience and having the highest ratings and reviews across new York City can provide you with a flawless and durable sidewalk. A perfectly installed sidewalk outside your property enhances your property value along with our reputation.

Sidewalk installations are prone to weathering and considerable wear and tear depending upon the volume of pedestrian load it is taking throughout the year. For sidewalk installations involving higher levels of stress, steel reinforced concrete is the most advisable material to opt for due to better performance and durability metrics. This enhances the longevity of our constructions which are expected to be subject to heavy wear and tear.

Our experienced team of masons and artisans are just a call away. We take great care of the smallest of details right from the project formulation stage. We hear you out carefully before finalizing our project quotation. Once the project particulars are finalized we fully adhere to it and there are neither any hidden costs or any hidden lines. We prefer to keep all our projects propositions transparent and our clients satisfied.