DOT Sidewalk Violation Repair

Being a property owner in New York City, you would be well aware of the legal provisions which require property owners to install, repair and maintain sidewalks adjacent to properties. In addition, property owners are also liable for personal injuries resulting from a failure to maintain a reasonably safe sidewalk. The Sidewalks of New York City are regularly inspected by the Department of Transportation and violation notices are issued to owners of buildings requiring sidewalk repairs. In absence of timely repairs, DOT brings their own contractors on-site to repair the violations and the property owner has to foot the bill for the expenses incurred.

Receiving a notice itself, is no cause for panic and timely intervention and corrective measures within a stipulated time period sorts out the issue. Give us a call immediately on receiving a DOT violation notice for Sidewalk Repairs and avail our advice and solutions as per requirements in your property. If you notice any major damage to your sidewalks you can give us a consultation call immediately to schedule a repair and pre-empt any impending notice from DOT on Sidewalk Repair.

We have all necessary licenses along with an adequate legal and technical know how to resolve all your violation issues.